Your Customers are everywhere, you too …

Should be there, on the move with your customers. You can bank, trade stock, order food, watch sports and movies, and of course, communicate in a variety of ways, all from a small smartphone. Now, believe us, your customers are doing the same.

It is all about Mobility. People move around a lot. They walk, ride bikes, drive cars, take public transit, travel on airplanes and even spaceships tourism business is coming soon. And they also want to remain plugged in all time, we mean it.

Beyond our world

“Sky is the limit” is an outdated statement once it comes to Connectivity. Connectivity has no limit, even it goes beyond the sky. We can easily change “Sky” with “Space” to become “Space is the limit” by reading the below example. We apologize in advance that this statement is short living, and will be replaced soon, with “No Limits” to connectivity.

Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield is a perfect example. Hadfield became an Internet sensation while in space – it doesn’t get any more mobile than that (This statement has to be revisited once per month – You’ve read it correctly, it is a note for us to keep our website up to date). He was active on his Twitter account, posted a ton of pictures and videos, communicated via email and stayed updated on the world below via the Internet.

Enough lecturing, Conclusion please

The above is an introduction to tell you as a Business Owner that you need to have a digital presence across multiple platforms. So please we highly advise you to have your website adopted for Tablet and Smart Phone usage. Your clients are daily on the move compared to the time they stayed constant in one place (not any more).

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