Mobile Marketing Solutions Keep You Connected

Your potential customers are behaving differently at each stage of their buying cycle. They can be standing in the queue to pay their grocery store purchased items, or they can be surfing the internet from the office, or checking your products while watching on their tablets the TV waiting on the couch. The one common fact about these scenarios is that they are always connected to the Internet searching for products/services similar to yours, and if you don’t exist on all platforms, for sure your are losing a Sale Opportunity to one of your competitors.

One Mobile Customer, yet different Personas

Being present on Tablet and Smart Phone Mobile devices is step number one in the Mobile Marketing Solutions offerings. Given that your potential customers are going to react differently in certain situations, depending on what device they’re using and where they are, we will help you identify possible Mobile Marketing strategies to address them based on their situational status and location. The Office Surfer, Multi-Tasking Shopper and Couch Potato personas could all be the same person, but they should be treated as different people for the purposes of mobile marketing.

Targeted Mobile Marketing Strategies

Your business’s mobile marketing solutions should be as active and on the move as your potential customers are, moreover they must be specifically targeted based on their situational status. Mobile Marketing Solutions similar to QR codes, SMS alerts, location based offers or enhanced PPC campaigns are all available tools for WSI to ensure that we address your potential customers correctly, firmly and on the right time while exploring or purchasing your products and/or services.

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