Dynamic Display Solutions

You think to buy a new car, once you determine which brand and model you’ll go for, it is very common that in the next few weeks you’ll start noticing that every car you’ll see in the one you’ve selected. You see this car is every style, color and custom body-type. We’ll be surprised if this car didn’t see this car today if you are in the exploring or purchasing process.

This phenomenon is called “top-of-mind awareness” and it’s exactly why display advertising works so well.

Our display advertising solutions give your business the chance to remain top-of-mind for your potential customers who might be interested in your product or service, or have visited your site but not made a purchase.

Tracking your potential leads

In today’s world, majority of the consumers are having access to the internet, and became more smarter than they’ve ever been. They do spend more time looking for information about the products they are willing to purchase (more especially the distinctive ones). It’s very likely that your potential customers visit your site for the first time aren’t yet ready to make a purchase. Using display advertising strategy, we consider them Leads and we catch them instantly once they are still in the exploring phase of the buying cycle. Even If they leave your site our display advertising solutions have the ability to keep your products or services top-of-mind for them and even nudge them back to your site.

WSI’s display advertising solutions work by placing your ads in front of surfers who are looking for something similar to your products and services, or have previously visited your website (meaning they will see your banner ads when they are on other websites). In some cases, people will click-through the banner ad. Others may return to your site sometime later simply because you’re stuck in their heads.

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