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If you think that developing an appealing and compelling site is the end of the route to be available on the digital world or cyberspace, please think twice, as you’ve just started. Think about when you search for something using Google. Which results do you usually click on? Probably the ones only available in the first page. If the site has relevant content to your search keywords and similarly has optimized landing pages, chances are you click-through on the first result and never look back. The process of getting your site and content to the top of the search results is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

But wait, there’s more. It’s not as simple as choosing a word or phrase that best describes your business and optimizing for those terms. If only it were that easy.

Your clients search for your business not by typing your website url, however they type whatever makes sense to them in the search box. This can be the name of your products or services or just a description of what they are looking for. The whole issue here is based on how your client perceive your type of products and/or services you offer. Considering that not two clients are the same, so the probabilities are endless, which means great SEO solutions are as much about searcher intent as they are about your business.

The key for getting the SEO functionality properly executed on your site is figuring out how your target audience perceives your business and then hypothesizing how that perception might manifest in their search queries. If you think that sounds like guesswork, then you’d be right.

SEO Success Begins with us

For our audience knowledge, Google changes their algorithm almost daily (they apply approx. 500 changes per year) and they don’t disclose the varying weights of key ranking factors. Other Search Engines (e.g. Yahoo, Bing, etc…) also follow the same strategy and carry on as much changes as Google does. To that extent we, at WSI, carry on very extensive detailed activities to gather as much information as possible and accordingly make some informed and educated guesses using other available sets of data, develop and execute a well drafted SEO Strategy to ensure your site ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages.

Our SEO solutions include competitor analysis, keyword research, content audits and on-page optimization. This mix gives your digital presence website the best shot at ranking for search terms that are relevant to your business and also backed up by real search data that suggest people are looking for you.

Finally, the above will ensure getting your website present on the First Page, have we ever talked about sustaining this rank. Guess what, your competitor are doing the same SEO activities as you do, and they work hard to get your ranking position as well. Therefore, you need to carry over SEO activities to your website, as long as you need your business to get noticed at the first page.

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