Landing Page Marketing That Converts

One of the extremely underrated digital marketing tactic is the landing page marketing. Almost every business owning a website understands that more traffic means more probability of have more potential customers, no math required. Optimized Landing Pages are doing just that, these are pages that focus solely on one goal – Conversion.

To better understand the effect of land pages, we need to run a short scenario, Assume that your business website converts one out of every 100 visitors (1/100 = 1% conversion rate). To increase conversions you need to have more traffic, so if you are looking to 3 conversion per day, you need to have 300 users landing to your website (3/300 = 1% conversion rate). Looking for more conversion, simply ensure to get more visits to your website, but still you maintain a 1% conversion rate.

Let us flip the coin, why not to work with what you’ve got rather worrying about your traffic numbers? This approach is what makes the difference. If you engage for a small term of landing page marketing and improve your design, messaging and calls to action, maybe you can increase your conversion rate up to 3%, which is merely 2% increase, right? The answer to this question is big “No”. A 2% increase actually means better results and more return on your investment, 3% conversion rate = 3/100 visitors is much more better than 1% conversion rate resulting from 3/300 , and it obviously delivers better results.

Landing page marketing, especially once combined with other digital marketing solutions e.g. pay-per-click and display advertising can make a significant difference to your business.

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