Marketing Analytics Made Easier

In the old days, and in the offline marketing strategies to date, it is hard (even harder) to measure the campaign effectiveness and return on investment. It was not strange to get an answer from the business owner at that time, when you ask him/her, how effective was your campaign and you get “I don’t know” as an answer.Today, scientists and athletics, and physicians, all think about “how to measure” before engaging themselves in any new development, research or even a game. Whether it’s baseball, soccer or cricket, fans of all major sports know that the whole game revolve around statistics. Baseball in particular relies heavily on player statistics and measurement, athletes and teams are measured by an analysis of the stats they produce, which is exactly how digital marketing campaigns are evaluated.

Digital marketing analytics is now becoming a science, which makes it as one of the hardest digital tactic to grasp, either in theory or in practice. But it is one of the most important, because if you aren’t measuring your business’s campaigns, then you’ll never know whether they’re working or how they can be improved. Keeping in mind that your digital marketing campaigns will always need to be tweaked and tinkered with; constant iteration is the key to keeping up with the shifting landscape of the Internet.

Data Is Your Friend

Any discussions involving aspects of digital marketing campaigns such as conversions, traffic and links is really centered on marketing analytics and measurement. Without the metrics, you will never know how many people visited your site and the number of them who converted into customers. At WSI, we normally didn’t get ourselves engaged in direct deals with our customers prior agreeing with them on what needs to be measured and we take them through rough ideas on how and why we need to set campaign measurements.

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